Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maple Mars

There are those who will say Maple Mars is simply singer-songwriter-guitarist Rick Hromadka's stage name as the other personnel has changed on each of the band's four albums. There are also those who will say Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch television show engineered the band's second album. And while one or more of those statements may very well be true, the bottom line is that neither one matters. Because Robbie Rist (aka Cousin Oliver) is a damn fine engineer and Rick Hromadka (aka Maple Mars) is a damn fine one man band when he needs to be. But as fine of a solo musician he may be, he never seems to have a problem putting together an awesome line-up when the time comes.

The band (or maybe it was just Rick) has been known to describe their sound as psychedelic pop from time to time. And while some may say that they are simply power pop, I say labels do not really mean much when it comes to rock 'n' roll. You really just have to let the music do the talking. And Maple Mars' music certainly has a lot to say. With soaring pop guitars over jaunty, danceable rhythms all topped off with sugary sweet harmonies and easy-on-the-ears lead vocals, this is a band that most definitely would have been right at home on the stage at Woodstock.