Monday, May 20, 2013

Seasick Steve

Seasick Steve, born Steven Gene Wold, is a bit of an oddity, some would say. he has a huge following just about everywhere except the United States, where he is still struggling to break into the big time. He plays a variety of instruments which he constructs himself and has names such as "The One Stringed Diddly Bo" and "The Mississippi Drum Machine." His music is best described as Americana with a heavy dose of blues.

Seasick Steve has lived as a hobo, a migrant worker and a self-professed bum, but his true calling seems to be the music with which he has entertained thousands. Of all the artists I have posted so far on this blog, none probably fit the Woodstock scene better than Seasick Steve. If he was not on the stage, you can bet he would be in the crowd. So yes, Seasick Steve most definitely would belong on the Woodstock stage.