Friday, March 22, 2013

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are a hard band to label. Like Maple Mars, everyone seems to have an opnion of exactly which category the band falls into, but none of those genres is exactly right. Or maybe they all are. Southern rock, metalcore, Christian rock... The only thing that is certain is it is definitely good stuff. They are a southern rock band with metal roots that have no problem proclaiming their Christianity while avoiding the preachy lyrics that often prohibit many religious bands from breaking into the mainstream.

In fact, I have been a fan since their third album was released in 2009 and only knew for sure they were a band with a message when I did a little research for this blog post. I also learned that (also like Maple Mars) the band has only one constant member -- lead vocalist Dallas Taylor. Taylor summed up the band's philosophy by saying, "I absolutely hate shoving things down people's throats, but hiding who you are is just as bad."

So, would these self-proclaimed not-so-freaky Jesus freaks make it onto the Woodstock stage? While the band's southern leanings and Jesus-friendly attitude probably would not keep them away, I have to think those metalcore roots might be the things that would keep them at bay. So I will have to say, no, these guys are probably not Woodstock.