Friday, April 19, 2013

She & Him

When it was first announced that movie star and style icon Zooey Deschanel would be launching a music career, many of even her most dedicated fans were skeptical. While Zooey had been impressive in a couple of films where her vocal talents were displayed, many felt that the days when a dual career was possible for a celebrity had faded away with stars like Rosemary Clooney and Doris Day. In this day and age, it was thought, stars should choose one career and stick to it. But any doubts as to Zooey's ability to handle both an acting career and a singing career disappeared with the release of Volume One, the debut album from her collaboration with M. Ward known as She & Him.

But out question here is not whether or not Zooey has the chops to make it as a pop star, but does She & Him have what it takes to make it onto the Woodstock stage. With a retro sound that borrows heavily from the early days of rock and roll when girl groups ruled the radio as well as from the folk groups of the mid to late 1960s, She & Him definitely has a sound that would do well at Woodstock. Considering Zooey's popularity on the silver screen combined with M. Ward's solid reputation as a musician's musician, there is no doubt that She & Him definitely would have been a perfect fit for Woodstock.