Friday, October 12, 2012

The Avett Brothers

Often described as folk rockers, North Carolina band The Avett Brothers are not really so easy to pigeonhole. Their catchy blend of music includes the influences of country, bluegrass and honky tonk as well as rock and roll, punk and even pop. Throw in a bit of ragtime and, of course, traditional and modern folk, and you have one of the most interesting bands to take the stage in quite some time. But would this magical mixture of styles find a home on the 1969 stage at Woodstock?

When you consider the diversity of the bands that played at Woodstock, it is clear that not only would The Avett Brothers' home-brewed hodgepodge of hippie-friendly harmonies be appreciated, but it would in fact be demanded by the Woodstock crowd. For the most part, The Avett Brothers songs are about love. Quite fitting for the "Summer of Love." But even when they stray from this theme with a song like "Me and God," they still convey a vibe that would have fit right in with the peace, love and harmony that permeated Woodstock. Definitely Woodstock.

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