Sunday, December 16, 2012


Pearl is Pearl Aday's band and features Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. Aday and Ian are also man and wife. Now maybe you are thinking this does not sound like the kind of band that would fit in at Woodstock. But did I mention that Pearl Aday is Meat Loaf's stepdaughter? Or that her biological father was Janis Joplin's drummer? Or that the band also features members of Mother Superior and Vintage Trouble? Do not let the thrash metal connection fool you. Pearl is a band that thrives on down-and-dirty Joplinesque rock 'n' roll.

On their debut album, Little Immaculate White Fox, Pearl manages to fill the disc with instant classic rock that could just as easily have been pulled straight out of the late 1960s or early 70s. It does not sound dated but rather completely fresh and cutting edge. Pearl Aday considers Meat Loaf her real dad and she has that same intense stage energy that Meat has always displayed. All these characteristics combine to make Pearl most certainly Woodstock all the way.

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