Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Creepshow

The Creepshow is a psychobilly/horror punk band from Ontario, Canada. Over the years since they formed in 2005, the band has built a reputation as a solid live act and developed a dedicated following of rabid fans. The band originally consisted of Jen "Hellcat" Blackwood on lead vocals and guitar, Sean "Sickboy" McNab on upright bass and backing vocals, Paul "The Reverend" McGinty on keyboards and backing vocals, Daniel Flamm on rhythm guitar and Matt "Pomade" Gee on drums.Jen was later replaced by her sister, Sara"Sin" Blackwood, after Jen became pregnant, but Sarah has since left the band and been replaced by current lead singer/guitarist, Kenda "Twisted" Legaspi. Sandro "Blood" Sanchioni also recently replaced Matt on drums. The band has just released their fourth album, Life After Death.

While there was not really a band at Woodstock that The Creepshow could be compared to, I still think the band fits into the diverse vibe of the concert. Maybe the tattoos are a little more than would have been common back in the '60s and maybe the band has a bit more... let's call it attitude... than what fans were used to back in those days, but with the qualification that the the band may have had a slightly less defined look than their present appearance, I am going to say that yes, The Creepshow are Woodstock. Even if they would probably frighten Jocko.


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